Elati or “Tyrna”, designation given by residents, is one of the most beautiful villages of the province of Trikala. The placeis literally immersed in pine forest of Koziakas mountain in an altitude of 950 m. Elati’s population is about 800 people and can possibly reach up to 5000 at weekends full of tourists, especially when snow shows up.

The landscape changes, depends on the season you arrive. During spring everything is flourished and gets a colourful shape. Plus smell of plants are scattered all around the village!

Summer in Elati is so breezy, that sometimes blanket is necessary for the night! The scenery becomes more green as we get to autumn.

Colours in autumn are hazy, yet romantic with an unforgetable sense of trees’ shade; a huge variety of leaves from plane, apple, chestnut or other trees are fallen on to the streets. A sweet melancholy surrounds peoples’ hearts as humidity caused by autumn rain encircles Elati.

Elati is at its best through the winter. Every corner of the village and the forest above it is suffused by snow except azure sky. The scent of wood placed on fireplaces is the common fragrance among the houses.

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